Testimonials 02

Dear Joe,
Please note the plants have been received. Thanks for the selection.
Best regards,

(To the Middle East. “Shipment was delivered in 3 days”)

Testimonials 03

Dear Joseph,
It arrived safely today. Thank you for the splendid zamia plants
I continue to need your help, please let me know; I want to import Encephalartos plants to Japan
Thank You To Japan.

Testimonials 04

I got the seeds. They arrived in great shape. They were inspected visually by Ag here and interestingly enough, it included a stamp that said "species verification performed" - whatever that means. The seeds were cleaned perfectly and I thank you for that. A question: when should I soak them and lay them down? Let me know. Also, let me know about other seeds.
Phil (USA)

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Dear Joe & Karen
Thank you for the mail of advice.
I received your package today.
I am very glad to obtain wonderful plants. I will raise them carefully.
Moreover, another order is placed.
Thank you.
Japan. (1 week from order being placed to delivery to client)
That is fantastic news! Thank you so much for your help in putting this deal in place. I am extremely excited about receiving these plants and sincerely appreciate your help and generosity with the additional bonus plant. I look foreword to Karen’s post with the shipping details and receipt of the plants sometime next week.

Thanks! USA.